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Sarpagati – „The Way of the Serpent”
Daksha Sheth / Devissaro
Admission: 5 , concessions 3
with "A Deep Fried Jam" 14 , concessions 10
20.09.2003 - 21.09.2003
Daksha Sheth Dance Company
Daksha Sheth Dance Company
Presented by: The Daksha Sheth Dance Company
Choreography: Daksha Sheth
Music: Devissaro

The Daksha Sheth Dance Company is regarded as India’s most radical and most visionary dance troupe. Its trademark is the perfect fusion of classical dance forms, traditional martial arts, acrobatics and contemporary dance. “Sarpagati” combines all these elements: sometimes swinging over the ground on a rope, sometimes armed with sticks, one male and three female dancers move in a black box, perfectly coordinated with one another in exquisite choreography. By contrast, the solos provide room for improvisation, and the dance is constantly being created anew. “Though the dancers’ bodies seem to dissolve in an implosion of passionate energy at each move, a meditative stillness of inner concentration is radiated,” comments “The Hindu”, one of India’s leading national newspapers.

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