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Let's have a bit of romance/
Thodasa Rumani Ho Jaye
D: Amol Palekar
Admission: 5 , concessions 3
dream, longing, love
India 1990
160 min., Hindi with Engl. subtitles
Bombay/Mumbai mainstream

Palekar's musical derived from Joseph Anthony's "The rainmaker" (1956) featuring Binny (Kanwar), an unmarried woman whose condition is reflected by the barren and rainless town in which she lives with her family. A stranger arrives, bringing rain and romance into her life. The film uses music extensively, often weaving spoken words into songs. It has fine ensemble performances, and a remarkable performance by Nana Patekar, his demeanour suffused with the radiance of romantic desire, in the character of the rain bearer, or barishkar.