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youth programme
Biographies between reality and fiction
Thematic Tour
Admission: 2,50 plus ticket
perception, urbanity
This tour focuses on biographies - both as the subject of artistic works, and as the biographies of the artists themselves: in his curiosity cabinets "Broken Branches" Atul Dodiya displays the disparate props of human existence, while Vivan Sundaram’s multi-part spatial sculpture "New New Delhi: Room with Bed" explores the lives of artists in modern-day Delhi. Ranjana Steinrücke takes a look at these often multi-faceted layers of art and reality, fiction and truth. After a career as an advertising executive and publisher in New York, the gallery owner returned to her native Mumbai/Bombay to devote herself to the emerging art scene. She owns a gallery in Mumbai and opened another in Berlin in 1997.