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Mother India:
Nationalism and visual culture
Thematic Tour
Fee: 2,50 plus ticket
India is flooded with pictures, whether on television, building facades or buses. This visual culture shapes personal and social values and thus affects the (self) perception of the Indian nation. The mass dissemination of folk-mythology collages at the beginning of the 20th century started a process of homogenization which encouraged the transformation of India's cultural heterogeneity. "Mother India" has become the symbol of a national identity that is increasingly legitimized by religion. Drawing on the exhibits, Britta Petersen and Pankaj Chattopadhyay trace the parallel developments of visual culture and the ideological consolidation of the Hindu nation. Britta Petersen works as a journalist for the Financial Times Deutschland, while Pankaj Chattopadhyay works for Deutsche Welle and advises German and Indian companies on intercultural management and communication.