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The Island of Blood
Abhilash Pillai & Ein Lall
Admission: 9 , concessions 7
together with „The Antigone Project“:
14 , concessions 10
power, violence
Abhilash Pillai & Ein Lall
Abhilash Pillai & Ein Lall
What do borders, nationality, identity mean? Who articulates whose interests in the proclamations of warring parties? Director Abhilash Pillai questions the ideologies of the powerful – an explosive issue not only on the Indian subcontinent, but all over the world. His project is an adaptation of the autobiographical novel “Island of Blood” by the Indian war and crisis reporter Anita Pratap. It describes her experiences in India, Sri Lanka and, not least, Afghanistan, where she evaded the Taliban militias to research the debased lives of women in a fanaticized world. This commissioned production is the result of an intense collaboration between the author, the director and video artist Ein Lall, and an actress. The aim was not to recreate Anita Pratap’s experiences “realistically” on stage, but to show the psychological implications of a life in extreme situations. With a wide variety of methods – action, narrative, music – a dialogue with reality develops onstage, carried by one single actress.