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D: Ram Gopal Varma
Admission: 5 , concessions 3
flight, power, violence
India 2002
187 min., Hindi with Engl. subtitles
Bombay/Mumbai mainstream

"Company" is the second Varma film to be set in the underworld. It focuses on the relationship between two figures, Malik and Chandu. Malik (Ajay Devgan), head of an underworld gang, happens to observe Chandu (Vivek Oberoi) and is impressed by his killer instincts. He immediately appoints Chandu as his right hand man, after a flight to Hong Kong and fatal misunderstanding the two men's main objective is to destroy each other. While the film lacks the riveting coherence of Satya, telescopes transitions and strives for too much `attitude', MTV style, it has passages of great visual intensity. Above all, it offers a welcome antidote and counterpoint to the usual thematic framing of the diaspora experience.