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The Antigone Project
Ein Lall & Anuradha Kapur
Admission: 9 , concessions 7
together with „The Island of Blood“:
14 , concessions 10
24.09.2003 - 24.09.2003
death, violence, writing
The Antigone Project
The Antigone Project
Presented by: Kuveni Films and Vivadi

Brecht wrote his adaptation of “Antigone” immediately after the collapse of the Nazi regime. While Sophocles’ central theme was the fulfilment of divine duties in opposition to human laws – Antigone buries her brother against the Theban ruler’s express prohibition – Brecht hoped to show that resistance against inhuman regimes is inevitable. By insisting upon her brother’s burial, Antigone reveals Creon’s true, dictatorial nature, finally causing his fall.
Prompted by last year’s riots in the Indian state of Gujarat, the director Anuradha Kapur and the video artist Ein Lall took up Brecht’s adaptation and supplemented it with documentary video material. In February 2002 Moslems set fire to a train filled with Hindu pilgrims. This act sparked Hindu pogroms against the Moslem population, with at least 2000 deaths: “It is an issue of power, oppression and resistance, of the imaginary communities of an a nation, a race, an ethnic group, and about the precarious situation of standing in the middle of all these things.” Above all, the project shows what it means to bear witness, especially in situations of this kind: “Survivors are not historians when they tell their stories. They are the witnesses of dehumanized circumstances. Images produced by the persecutors must not be the only impressions that remain in one’s memory.”

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