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The Goad/Ankush
D: N. Chandra
Admission: 5 , concessions 3
rebellion, revenge, violence
India 1986
149 min., Hindi with Engl. subtitles
Bombay/Mumbai mainstream

Four young men eke out their time at the street corner. They are unemployed youth who have fallen foul of society. They make ends meet as gang for hire, undertaking brutal evictions on behalf of landlords. An angel comes into their bleak world, a young woman social worker who listens to them, and urges them to employ their energies differently. The angel is raped by a bevy of vicious businessmen, the law will not listen to her, she takes her own life. The reformed young men irrupt in a frenzy of revenge, kill the oppressors, and accept their guilt. Their execution is akin to martydom.