Nach der Ewigkeit

Maxim Ossipow | Birgit Veit

„Er schließt die Augen und denkt an seinen Bettnachbarn, den Schriftsteller: Was nicht aufgeschrieben ist, existiert nicht.“

Nach der Ewigkeit

Jury comments:

Can a Russian story be told without Moscow? Can it ever! With devilishly clown-like narrative fury, Maxim Ossipov guides us through lovely Tarussa and up to the Arctic Circle. He tells stories of the capital-driven post-Soviet era, whose themes rarely seem spectacular. What’s spectacular is the language in which they were written, the vivacity of this prose, its agility, its tempo. Birgit Veit brilliantly transposed the various cadences into German. – Tobias Lehmkuhl

Maxim Ossipow , © Hollitzer Verlag

Author: Maxim Ossipow

Maxim Ossipov, born in Moscow, is a cardiologist and writer. He has received numerous awards for his stories and essays, including the Kasakov, the Bunin and the Belkin Prizes. He has also written dramas that are performed by several Russian theaters. Ossipov’s works have been translated into 12 languages. Nach der Ewigkeit (After Eternity) is his first German-language publication.

Birgit Veit , © Hollitzer Verlag

Translator: Birgit Veit

Birgit Veit works as a literary critic for the NZZ and as a translator from Russian: poems by Joseph Brodsky and other poets, prose by Oleg Jurjew, Bakin, Marienhof and Sascha Sokolov.