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Youth Program
Outreach and Education

As in past years, the Youth Program at the House of World Cultures will also participate in all of the festivals in 2004. On the whole, greater involvement by youth participants is planned through the use of artistic workshops. A particular goal in 2004 is to have young people reflect on the HWC program using various media. Thus within the framework of the project Depth of Focus - which accompanies the program Far Near Distance - commentary and interviews by young people will be realized on video; as part of popdeurope youths will develop a magazine in the project Sampling Europe and the program Black Atlantic will be accompanied by a youth radio team.
The New Sound Experience

transonic 2004 focuses on the contrasts between composition and improvisation and between solo and ensemble music. While transonic 2003 concentrated on Asian and Western music, in 2004 musicians and composers from the Arabic world will also take part, along with an Argentinean composer.
Fly Utopia!

transmediale, the international festival of electronic media art and media culture, has been taking place since 1988 and will this year, for the third time, be presented in cooperation with the House of World Cultures. This international forum for artists, media theorists, scientists and interested laymen is devoted to the latest developments in art and digital media which are presented in exhibitions, conferences and artist presentations.
transmediale.04 will run under the motto "Fly Utopia!" and will deal with the utopias and the dystopias of today's world. The invited artists present artworks, live-performances and concepts in which hopeful and optimistic as well as critical and, at times, cynical approaches are taken to a world that seems to have lost even the ability for utopian thought. There is Hope. Fly Utopia!

A "glitzy launch" - so the New York Times on the first Berlinale Talent Campus 2003 in the House of World Cultures. Here young screenwriters, producers, directors, camera-men and women, and actors meet established professionals and participate in a week-long winter academy dedicated to the essential aspects of filmmaking. In 2004 the Berlinale Talent Campus #2 will once again offer 500 young filmmakers from all over the world an invaluable opportunity to learn the tips and tricks of the trade from the greats of the international film industry - no wonder the Campus' motto is "Let's get passionate about film!"
Far Near Distance
Contemporary Positions of Iranian Artists

Media Farzin's article about the problems and possibilities of an Iranian art exhibition in the USA at

FAR NEAR DISTANCE presents, for the first time in Germany, a panorama of contemporary positions of artists of Iranian origin operating in and between Tehran, London, Paris and the metropolises of the USA. This network has produced some very interesting works that show the way art reflects history, as well as social and political conditions. The artists refer to Iranian traditions, capturing lived experiences in metaphors, powerful symbols and poetry. They reveal and cross boundaries and restrictions, situate contradictions and paradoxes in a way that uncovers inconsistencies within the system. The results works that are as expressive as they are remarkable, and which blend reality and fiction in order to bewilder and create novel works. The artists living outside Iran have received these impulses as a challenge. But in the midst of all, their artistic language creates distance through irony, sarcasm and humour. This tension has created that reflexivity which we call Far Near Distance.

Conference Program
The Three-Part Conference Series Framing and a conference on The Significance of New Communications Media in the Arab World
performing arts

Platform for the International Performing Arts

The IN TRANSIT festival focuses on current artistic and cultural developments in Asia, Africa and the Americas and their relationship to the situation in Germany and Europe. It is a festival of encounter and production, a laboratory for the future of the performing arts.
migrating sounds in and out of Europe -
Sounds: Afropean-A-LiciousE

popdeurope is the House of World Cultures' summer music festival. Since its premiere in 2002, popdeurope has demonstrated just how varied musical pop culture is in Europe and the influence of non-European artists on its development. These diverse sounds can be heard at the open air concerts on the rooftop terrace, the sound system nights with DJ sets in the indoor club, discussions and youth workshops, via the Internet platforms, and on the CD releases and music documentaries which are all part of this festival.
Black Atlantic
Travelling Cultures, Counter-Histories, Networked Identities

The autumn programme at the House of World Cultures follows the diverse reference systems and networks of the African Diaspora into the western hemisphere. Black Atlantic is the title of an interdisciplinary series of events featuring concerts, performances, literature, visual art installations, film, discussions and conferences. It connotes the dynamics, diverse currents and widely branching connections of transatlantic Black cultures.

Black Atlantic is funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation Germany
Black Atlantic is under the patronage of the German UNESCO Commission.
Supported by Ministério da Cultura do Brasil

kunstherbst 04, , international festival of literature berlin, Jazzthetik
Black Atlantic - Platform 1:
How Do/Don't We Remember

Black Atlantic - Platform 2:
Congo Square
Music, Resistance, Encounters

Black Atlantic - Platform 3:
Another Modernity
Racial Terror and Human Rights