Far Near Distance
Contemporary Positions of Iranian Artists

Media Farzin's article about the problems and possibilities of an Iranian art exhibition in the USA at www.theranavenue.com

FAR NEAR DISTANCE presents, for the first time in Germany, a panorama of contemporary positions of artists of Iranian origin operating in and between Tehran, London, Paris and the metropolises of the USA. This network has produced some very interesting works that show the way art reflects history, as well as social and political conditions. The artists refer to Iranian traditions, capturing lived experiences in metaphors, powerful symbols and poetry. They reveal and cross boundaries and restrictions, situate contradictions and paradoxes in a way that uncovers inconsistencies within the system. The results works that are as expressive as they are remarkable, and which blend reality and fiction in order to bewilder and create novel works. The artists living outside Iran have received these impulses as a challenge. But in the midst of all, their artistic language creates distance through irony, sarcasm and humour. This tension has created that reflexivity which we call Far Near Distance. 

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This volume takes a look at the current social situation in Iran, examines clichés about a culture which - in the West at least - is often seen through eyes concerned only with fundamentalism, and provides a comprehensive survey of new and the very latest works by Iranian artists, film-makers, musicians and literary figures – both inside and outside the country.

With contributions by Rose Issa, Daryush Shayega, Tirdad Zolghadr, Shaheen Merali and others.

382 pages, colour photographs, € 18 at the exhibition, or € 21 from your local bookstore.

ISBN: 3-9808851-4-3

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