Mumbai/Bombay, New Delhi, Bangalore and Colcata are not only among the mega-cities of the world, but they also represent increasingly important cultural and intellectual centres. Here, a whole new world of images, sounds and gestures is evolving and gaining in significance outside India as well. Bollywood, Bhangra Beat und Asian Dub are influencing the global pop culture to an increasing extent, a lively contemporary art and theatre scene has developed in the past few decades, and India has become home to a large number of outstanding intellectuals and authors. State-of-the-art technology and ancient forms of culture meet and merge in India. In autumn 2003, the House of World Cultures will present this new forward-looking India as a culture which is as popular as it is intellectual, and it will make it the centre of an aesthetic, culturo-political and post-colonial debate.

A project of the Asia-Pacific-Weeks-Berlin 2003 - Focus India.
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siting contemporary culture in India
360 pages, english, 130 colour images
ISBN 3-9808851-9-4
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