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performing arts
choreography, dance, docu-performance, installation, modern dance, performance, ritual, theatre, video performance
Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Europe
The new international platform for the performing arts
31.05.2003 16:00
Berliner Fenster, ballettanz, Le Monde Diplomatique, Radio Drei, Siegessäule, springerin, tanznetz, "Die Zeit" online
Ritter Sport
Taking the performing arts as a starting point and working with dialogue between artists, IN TRANSIT is developing a new form of festival. The focus is on the artistic process and on intercultural dialogue between artists, intellectuals and curators from Asia, the Pacific, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the Arabic world. The encounters, both conflicts and co-operations, become a resource for new artistic productions. Moving beyond notions of exotic or anthropological interest, IN TRANSIT seeks to redefine contemporary performing arts.

The House of World Cultures conceived IN TRANSIT as an annual festival. The artistic direction is placed in the hands of rotating curators whose life and work is centred in the non-Western world, thus providing a new perspective on current artistic developments. The curator of IN TRANSIT for the years 2002 and 2003 is Ong Keng Sen, the theatre director and artistic director of Theatreworks Singapore.

The program theme for the year 2003 is 'Customs: Nothing to declare', alluding to border crossings and the associated practices of control, and thus, in a broader sense, to migration and mobility. At the same time, customs refers to the traditions and mores which enter into an international process of exchange in the context of globalization and migration.

IN TRANSIT centres around the laboratory, a place of intense encounters, learning and production which is open to a group of select artists over the course of several weeks. In addition, a wide range of first-rate contemporary productions in the performing arts will be presented, most of them commissions or European premieres. The club is a meeting place and a venue for night shows and the latest international trends in hybrid club music. IN TRANSIT goes into great depth on the festival's themes and reflects on its own practices in lectures and discussions.

As a follow-up to the IN TRANSIT festival 2002, the three Berlin film and video artists Veronika Gerhard, Tara Herbst and Jochen Heilek are developing an exhibit in the Kunstwerke. This exhibit reflects and expands upon their encounters with the international participants in the festival and the stimulus provided by these diverse performative approaches. Curated by
Anselm Franke, the exhibit will open on April 12, 2003 in Berlin's Kunstwerke.

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