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Bad Words #5

»I am inviting you to not sleep tonight.« After the first season took Ilse Aichinger’s titular essay »Bad Words« and its resistant poetics as its point of departure, Etel Adnan’s »Night« takes us into the darkness.

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Conversation with Sander L. Gilman and Valentina Pisanty | Hijacking Memory

Moderated by Emily Dische-Becker English original version June 9, 2022

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Discussion and Q&A with Volkhard Knigge and Hannah Tzuberi | Hijacking Memory

Moderated by Stefanie Schüler-Springorum German original version June 9, 2022

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New Alphabet School #Feralizing

Lectures, workshops, discussions, performance, listening piece, June 9–11, 2022

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Liebe im neuen Jahrtausend

Jurors Robin Detje and Annika Reich talk about “Liebe im neuen Jahrtausend” by Can Xue, translated from Chinese by Karin Betz.

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Leichte Sprache

Jurors Heike Geißler and Dominique Haensell talk about “Leichte Sprache” by Cristina Morales, translated from Spanish by Friederike von Criegern.

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Meine Eltern / Alles nicht dein Eigen

Jurors Heike Geißler and Annika Reich talk about “Meine Eltern / Alles nicht dein Eigen” by Aleksandar Hemon, translated from American by Henning Ahrens.

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Fight Club

With Nika Dubrovsky, Jamie Kelsey-Fry, Savitri D. and Jacques Servin English original version Performance, May 29, 2022

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Violence and Care: The Making of Gender in History

With Claudine Cohen, Karin Harrasser, Angela Melitopoulos, Brigitte Röder, Margarita Tsomou, David Wengrow English original version Roundtable discussion, May 28, 2022

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Imperial Realism

With Rana Dasgupta, A. Dirk Moses, Elif Sarican, David Wengrow, moderated by Anselm Franke English original version Roundtable discussion, May 28, 2022

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A. Dirk Moses: Imperial Realism

English original version Presentation, May 28, 2022