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Wisdom Techniques | The Dust Séance

Technosphere × Knowledge
2016, Apr 14, Thu — 2016, Apr 16, Sat

Bronislaw Szerszynski and Sasha Engelmann in collaboration with Tomás Saraceno: The Dust Séance

What is the role of air in our knowing of the world? How does the presence of our bodies, buildings and machines affect the motion of the air within and around them, and the things that dwell in the air? How can something as humble as the motion of airborne dust in the light become something full of wonder? Szerszynski, Engelmann and Saraceno use Cosmic Dust and the Breathable Ensemble, an ‘apparatus’ devised by Saraceno, to demonstrate the phenomenology and manufacture of spirits; communication as the resonance of air-filled chambers; the ghost numbers that determine the motion of suspended things; the folding of the universe to connect large and small, near and far; the spiritual political economy of solar radiance; and how dust itself can be brought to life.

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