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Language Families and Artificial Languages by Ernst Kausen, Dagmara Kraus and Marcel Beyer

Sprache und Wissen
Curated by Marcel Beyer
2016, Apr 08, Fri — 2016, Apr 09, Sat

The number of languages in the world is finite. But just how many are spoken exactly—and where? Is it possible that someone is discovering new languages, just as we are lamenting their extinction?

The linguist and mathematician Ernst Kausen set himself the mammoth task of gathering together in one volume the Language Families of the World. However, languages are not just collected, they are also invented: For example Esperanto, which is spoken to this day, or the long forgotten langue bleue which the poet Dagmara Kraus employs to write her poems of alien beauty. Together with Marcel Beyer they discuss: At what point does communicative usage become transformed into aesthetic magic?

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