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Nervous Systems | Exhibition Trailer

Nervous Systems
Quantified Life and the Social Question
March 11 – May 9, 2016

An exhibition by Haus der Kulturen der Welt [] in collaboration with Tactical Technology Collective[], co-curated by Stephanie Hankey, Marek Tuszynski and Anselm Franke. Nervous Systems takes place as part of 100 Years of Now.

Trailer created by Tactical Technology Collective
Music: Oskar Schuster, Sneeuwland
Direction, art direction and animation: Klaas Diersmann
Parts of the following works and artefacts were used (with permission) for this trailer:
Malgorzata Gurowska, Heads from the project White; Alphonse Bertillon, Portrait Parle; William E. Burghardt Du Bois, A special Study in Crime, The Philadelphia Negro; Humphrey Jennings / Mass Observation movement, A table recording what is happening on the dance floor & Observations from a dancehall noting the positions of a man’s hand on a woman’s back when dancing; Georges Demeny, Motion Studies - Soldat équipé d'un dynamomètre enregistreur & Locomotion pathologique sur un côté du corps; Timo Arnall, Robot Readable World; Tactical Tech/ K.Diersmann, GPG animation series: Decrypting Encryption; Technopatriots, Thermal Night Operation; Prof. Bo Lenntorp, A time-geographic simulation model of individual activity programs; James Bridle, Citizen X; Prithwijit Guha, Intelligent Traffic Surveillance; Computer Code appearing in the background comes from Tor Browser by Tor Project, and by Julian Olivier.