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Wohnungsfrage | Trailer

2015, Oct 23, Fri — 2015, Dec 14, Mon

How can we create affordable living space? How do we provide opportunities for self-determination? Who are today’s new clients? What new answers can be found to the age-old housing question?

Housing forms the rooms, neighborhoods and streets of our daily lives. Our personal happiness and societal well-being originate and find their expression there, as do social ills and personal dramas. But housing issues are increasingly reduced to real estate problems and disassociated from the cultural practices of architecture. And alternative players are clearly lacking. The result: Growing numbers of people are finding it increasingly difficult to gain access to self-determined, affordable housing. The HKW project Wohnungsfrage investigates the tension-ridden relationships between architecture, housing, and social reality in an exhibition of experimental concepts for living, an extensive opening program a publication series and an academy.