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Datum I: Self-Fantasy: On the Autonomy of the Technosphere | Peter K. Haff, Jennifer Gabrys, Mark B. N. Hansen

100 Years of Now. The Opening
2015, Sep 30–Oct 04

In this talk geologist and physicist Peter Haff discusses the scientific principles that would define a technosphere, and which would condition the movements of living and nonliving beings, as well as social and “natural” entities, in and amidst its flows.In this presentation communication theorist Jennifer Gabrys considers how citizen-led projects to monitor the environment “creature” data—that is, imbue it with particular lived modes of perception and participation that rival (and complement) traditional scientific understanding.
Does Big Data Dream? In this analysis of the Ralf Baecker’s artwork Mirage, media theorist Mark Hansen investigates disparate scales and types of data - geophysical, neural, computational, aesthetic - animating the technosphere today.

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