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Labor in a Single Shot
Sat, Feb 28, 2015 Presentation and discussion with Dirk Baecker, Gertrud Koch, Prabhu Mohapatra and Peter J. Schwartz. Moderation: Roy Grundmann.

The workshop films form the starting point of the second day of the conference: a small selection of specific films, chosen according to thematic and associative terminological fields, provide an opening for each panel and serve as a common knowledge base for presentations and discussions.

This panel will undertake a sorting of the history of ideas, images, and terms around work, with reference to the triangle of property, labor, and capital. At the same time, questions will be raised as to how we can speak about wage labor from a socio-historical and transnational perspective. How can knowledge be distinguished from commodity—or itself be commodified? What ideological parameters are set by the iconographic history of images of labor? Beyond mono-theoretical dominance, how can transhistorical and transcultural observations and approaches be conceived that allow broader analyses of the process of linking labor, human beings, society, and capital?

Dirk Baecker (sociologist, Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen), Gertrud Koch (film theorist, Free University of Berlin), Prabhu Mohapatra (economic and social historian, University of Delhi), Peter J. Schwartz (literature and film researcher, Boston University) Moderator: Roy Grundmann (film theorist, Boston University).

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