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Forum Model

Sat, Nov 22, 2014
Anthropocene Campus
Key Terms I with Christoph Küffer, Sabine Höhler and Caleb Waldorf; Moderation: Christoph Rosol

One of the key terms in the Anthropocene is the concept of the model: a compromised, simplified depiction of reality for the purpose of analyses and prognoses. But the term also refers to visualization, imaging, a hypothesis or a prosthesis of perception. To close Anthropocene Campus, Christoph Küffer, Sabine Höhler, and Caleb Waldorf discuss the questions of the chances and problems the accompany models. In search of the Anthropocene’s Next Top Model, in a discussion led by Christoph Rosol, HKW.
Teil II of the public discussion of Key Terms, Key Term I, Model.

Christoph Küffer is a researcher at the Institut für Integrative Biologie, ETH Zürich. Sabine Höhler teaches Science and Technology Studies at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology. Caleb Waldorf is an artist and lives in Berlin.

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