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Anthropogenic Landscapes

Sat, Nov 15, 2014
Anthropocene Campus
presented by Elena Bougleux, Arno Brandlhuber and Erle Ellis

From the slashing and burning of hunters and collectors to the construction of nuclear power plants, dams, and artificial islands, the human being has always intervened in nature and transformed it. A view of this landscape, shaped by mankind, from the view of an ecologist, a cultural anthropologist, and a designer. Between ecological and social systems and the formation of blossoming landscapes. Introduction to the campus seminar by Erle Wllis (until 14:30), Elena Bougleux (14:30–26:00) and Arno Brandlhuber (as of 26:00).

Geologist Erle Ellis teaches at the Department of Geography and Environmental Systems, University of Maryland in Baltimore. Elena Bougleux is a cultural anthropologist at the Forschungszentrum für Anthropologie und Epistemologie der Komplexität at the Universitá degli studi di Bergamo, Arno Brandlhuber is an architect and teaches at Nuremberg’s Akademie der Bildenden Künste.

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