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Modeling Wicked Problems

Anthropocene Campus
Fri, Nov 14, 2014 presented by Paul Edwards, co-developed with Miriam Diamond and Pablo Jensen

What is a “wicked problem“? A complex problem without a simple solution. Poverty, overpopulation, climate change, but also traffic jams are problems whose solution automatically causes new problems. When one thing leads to another? How can models help? What are the limits of the mental models in our heads? For example, fold a sheet of paper in the middle. Fold that same sheet of paper another 42 times in the middle. How high is the paper? 60 centimeters or 440,000 kilometers? Introduction to the seminar “Modelling Wicked Problems” by Paul Edwards, prefaced by Adrian Lahoud (until 4:30).

Paul Edwards is professor at the Interdisciplinary School of Information and the Department of History and founder of the Science, Technology & Society Program at the University of Michigan.

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