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The Whole Earth

Panel with Hans-Christian Dany, Erich Hörl and Eva Meyer

On the End of Philosophy. The Begin of Cybernetics.
What is the role of philosophy today when everything is automated in controlled loops or operates by way of algorithms in everyday life? Are our traditional techniques of thinking sufficient or do we have to subject philosophical thinking to an update, as media theorist Erich Hörl asks (2:30-23:30). Maybe philosophy should maintain a distance from the closed circuits that have adaptable disturbances and feedback loops, as writer Hans-Christian Dany suggests (23:40- 37:30). Or, as the artist Eva Mayer (37:40-59:00) argues, maybe we need to build up a new capacity for experience beyond language: philosophical explorations.

Hans-Christian Dany is an artist and writer. Erich Hörl is professor for media technology and media philosophy at Ruhr-Universität Bochum; Eva Meyer is a philosopher, writer, and filmmaker and teaches media arts at Zurich’s Hochschule der Künste.

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