Video – 1:24:30

Interim findings of the research conducted around the Waterberg

with Kambanda Veii, Ashkan Cheheltan, Tobechukwu Onwukeme, Agata Nguyen Chuong and Eyal Weizman English original version Presentation & Q+A, Nov 5, 2022

Video – 0:39:34

Developing a legal framework to redress colonialism as a unique crime

Joshua Castellino, introduced and commented on by Sarah Imani English original version Intervention via video, Nov 5, 2022

Video – 2:08:48

German colonialism and genocide: Pleading and negotiating a case for reparations

with Sima Luipert, Mutjinde Katjiua, Vepuka Kauari, Esther Muinjangue, Mbakuma Hengari, moderated by John Nakuta English original version Panel, Nov 5, 2022