Audio – 1:31:02

A Sound Civilization

With Ann Cotten, Lonnie Holley, Duduzile L S Mathonsi, moderated by Natasha A. Kelly English original version Lectures, panel, Nov 13, 2022

Audio – 0:50:32

The Sound of Tomorrow

With Heiko Hoffmann, Lisa Rovner English original version Panel, Nov 12, 2022

Audio – 0:22:12

Chapter 3: Sound is a Matter of the Imagination | Cosmic Awakening

If truth is stranger than fiction, why shouldn’t music be stranger than science fiction? Sounds manipulate space and time, unlock new dimensions and open wormholes in parallel universes. In this respect, sonic fiction does the same as fantasy literature: It distorts the present and creates space for alternative worlds. With quotes from works by J. G. Ballard, Jimmy Carter, Becky Chambers, Kodwo Eshun, Ursula K. Le Guin, Daniel Oberhaus, Sun Ra, Holger Schulze, David Tudor, Whitney Wei.

Audio – 0:18:16

Chapter 2: How Loud is the Sun? | Cosmic Awakening

In the approach to Jupiter, the sun can be heard singing. But apart from the soundscapes on neighboring planets or in black holes, according to probability theory there is also extraterrestrial music. Science fiction literature has made it possible to understand how it might sound: a cacophony of smells or a symphony of free energy flows. With quotes from works by Isaac Asimov, Octavia E. Butler, Becky Chambers, Edward George, Stanislav Lem, Andi Petculescu, Sun Ra.

Gallery – 9 pictures

Cosmic Awakening

Festival: Concerts, films, talks, installations Nov 10–13, 2022

Audio – 0:15:22

Chapter 1: In Space No One Can Hear You Scream | Cosmic Awakening

The slogan used to advertise Ridley Scott’s science fiction film “Alien” is nothing more than a statement of fact: In space, no one can hear you scream. But isn’t the idea of sound everywhere in space, which is permeated to the last corner by cosmic background radiation, like an echo of the Big Bang? With quotes from works by Isaac Asimov, Jimmy Carter, Samuel R. Delany, Donna Haraway, N.K. Jemisin, Ursula K. Le Guin, Stanisław Lem, Sun Ra, Arkadi and Boris Strugazki.

Audio – 0:34:09

Shaping Dance Floors, Locally | On Music

With Sedef Adasi, Gîn Bali, Ramin Büttner, Maurice Neugebauer, Ulrike Schell English original version Podcast, August 2022

Audio – 0:32:46

Stories from the Mud | Wassermusik: Mississippi

With Swamp Dogg, Donald Harrison, Leyla McCalla, Logan Schutts English original version Podcast, July 2022

Audio – 0:24:36

Sounds from the Swamps | Wassermusik: Mississippi

With Swamp Dogg, Donald Harrison, Leyla McCalla, Logan Schutts English original version Podcast, July 2022

Audio – 0:28:07

Nightingala | On Music

With David Rothenberg and Tina Roeske English original version Podcast, April 2022

Audio – 0:00:00

Living Space | On Music

With Michael E. Veal English original version Podcast, March 2022

Gallery – 14 pictures

The Sound of Distance

Concerts, sound installations, talks Oct 21–24, 2021

Audio – 0:37:00

Techno at the End of the Future, Episode 1: London | On Music

With DeForrest Brown, Jr., Steve Goodman (a.k.a. Kode9) and Nkisi English original version Podcast, September 2021

Gallery – 5 pictures


By Nicholas Bussmann Exhibition, performances, Aug 26–Sep 19, 2021