2022, Oct 23 — Dec 30

We live in the decaying ruins of the modern and colonial world-system. All around us we encounter the undead institutions that structure systemic inequality, border regimes, and subject forms. To make different futures possible, this undead world – which violently resists change in its refusal to die – must be laid to rest.

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Video – 0:38:26

"Not in front of the children!": Masking Trauma in Minshall’s Mas

Peter Minshall (via video) and Claire Tancons English original version Conversation, Dec 2, 2022

Video – 0:37:59

Conversation with Aaron Kamugisha and John Cowley

moderated by Claire Tancons English original version Dec 2, 2022

Video – 0:23:48

Calling (on) Wynter: A Few Responses – Welcome & Introduction

with Anselm Franke, Elisa Giuliano, Denise Ryner, Claire Tancons and Zairong Xiang English original version Dec 1, 2022

Video – 0:33:05

Conversation with Demetrius L. Eudell, Che Gossett and Jon Solomon

moderated by Denise Ryner and Anselm Franke English original version Dec 1, 2022

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(Burial of an Undead World) Exhibition, Oct 23–Dec 30, 2022