Where is the Planetary?

2022, Oct 14 — 16

How could collaboration maintain a habitable planet?

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Planetary Compositions Part 4. Artistic documentation of Where is the Planetary?

Mohammad Al Attar, Margarida Mendes, Rebecca Snedeker, Nikiwe Solomon Moderated by Mark Williams English original version Discussions, Oct 16, 2022

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What planetary damage can be repaired? Artistic documentation of Where is the Planetary?

Koki Tanaka, Lisa Baraitser with Mohammad Al Attar, Orit Halpern, Valentina Karga, Margarida Mendes, Nishant Shah, Simon Turner English original version Practice and conversations, Oct 15, 2022

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Where is the Planetary?

A Gathering | In Collaboration with Koki Tanaka Practices and Conversations, Oct 14–16, 2022