Internationaler Literaturpreis 2022


Six books as accurate as real life: The titles on this year’s shortlist take a critical and insightful look at the now.

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Video – 0:15:40

Reading performance | Internationaler Literaturpreis 2022

With Zeynep Bozbay, Jonas Grundner-Culemann, Banafshe Hourmazdi, Anne Kulbatzki, Abak Safaei-Rad, Falilou Seck German original version Jun 22, 2022

Video – 0:34:15

"Leichte Sprache": Conversation with Cristina Morales und Friederike von Criegern

Moderated by Robin Detje and Heike Geißler Original version (Spanish, German) Jun 22, 2022

Video – 0:01:31

Eine Nebensache

Jurors Dominique Haensell and Verena Lueken talk about “Eine Nebensache” by Adania Shibli, translated from Arabic by Günther Orth.

Video – 0:01:30

Der Fluch des Hechts

Jurors Michael Götting and Elisabeth Ruge talk about “Der Fluch des Hechts” by Juhani Karila, translated from Finnish by Maximilian Murmann.

Video – 0:01:30

Omertà. Buch des Schweigens

Jurors Robin Detje, Verena Lueken and Elisabeth Ruge talk about “Omertà. Buch des Schweigens” by Andrea Tompa, translated from Hungarian by Terézia Mora.

Video – 0:01:34

Liebe im neuen Jahrtausend

Jurors Robin Detje and Annika Reich talk about “Liebe im neuen Jahrtausend” by Can Xue, translated from Chinese by Karin Betz.

Video – 0:01:53

Leichte Sprache

Jurors Heike Geißler and Dominique Haensell talk about “Leichte Sprache” by Cristina Morales, translated from Spanish by Friederike von Criegern.

Video – 0:01:37

Meine Eltern / Alles nicht dein Eigen

Jurors Heike Geißler and Annika Reich talk about “Meine Eltern / Alles nicht dein Eigen” by Aleksandar Hemon, translated from American by Henning Ahrens.

Video – 0:06:00

Internationaler Literaturpreis: Shortlist 2022

Trauma and memory, magic and the might of nature raging against humankind, easy reading and the question of justice in storytelling: In a video on the shortlist, actors including Anne Kulbatzki, Abak Safaei-Rad and Falilou Seck read from the books.