Internationaler Literaturpreis 2021


In times of crisis, it matters more than ever what kind of stories we tell, which scripts and plots we follow and whose voices we trust. In 2021, the Internationaler Literaturpreis will again be searching for books that do something with language – precisely because they reach us in translation.

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Internationaler Literaturpreis 2021

Prize for Contemporary Literature in Translation Award Ceremony, Jun 30, 2021

Video – 0:50:57

Internationaler Literaturpreis 2021

With Fatima Daas, Sina de Malafosse, moderated by Dominique Haensell, Annika Reich Original version Award ceremony, Jun 30, 2021

Video – 0:01:30

Die jüngste Tochter (German)

Jury members Robin Detje, Dominique Haensell and Annika Reich talk about Fatima Daas' “Die jüngste Tochter”, translated from French by Sina de Malafosse.

Video – 0:01:33

Nach der Sonne (German)

Jurors Elisabeth Ruge and Annika Reich talk about Jonas Eika’s “Nach der Sonne”, translated from Danish by Ursel Allenstein.

Video – 0:01:45

Im düstern Wald werden unsre Leiber hängen (German)

Jurors Michael Götting and Verena Lueken talk about Ava Farmehri’s “Im düstern Wald werden unsre Leiber hängen”, translated from English by Sonja Finck.

Video – 0:01:46

Weiches Begräbnis (German)

Jurors Robin Detje and Michael Götting talk about Fang Fang’s “Weiches Begräbnis”, translated from Chinese by Michael Kahn-Ackermann.

Video – 0:01:47

An das Wilde glauben (German)

Jury members Heike Geißler and Annika Reich talk about Nastassja Martin's “An das Wilde glauben” (In the Eye of the Wild), translated from French by Claudia Kalscheuer.

Video – 0:01:39

Wetter (German)

Jury members Heike Geißler, Dominique Haensell and Verena Lueken talk about Jenny Offill's “Wetter” (Weather), translated from English by Melanie Walz.

Video – 0:05:24

Internationaler Literaturpreis: The 2021 Shortlist

Zeynep Bozbay, Benjamin Radjaipour, Niels Bormann, Banafshe Hourmazdi, Tina Pfurr and Irina Sulaver read from the six books on the shortlist for this year’s Internationaler Literaturpreis.