1948 Unbound

2017, Nov 30 — Dec 2

The year 1948 serves as an aperture through which we can rethink the history of the now; the decisive moment when the heap of fragments left by the fury of two world wars began to reassemble into new forms of technological, scientific, and cultural order that inform our contemporary situation. With the atomic age, the digital age and the age of the "hydrocarbon man” taking off, 1948 represents an inflection point for many developments and path dependencies to come.

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Program paper "1948 Unbound: Unleashing the technical present" (German)

Luis Campos: Die wuchernde Technosphäre, Sascha Pohflepp: Den Zufall annehmen, Kathryn Yusoff: Die Welt lässt sich nicht von Daten zähmen, Benjamin Steininger: Ein Füllhorn des 20. Jahrhunderts, Alexander R. Galloway: Das offene System entkontrollieren, Gerald Nestler: Die Entfesselung des Schwankens, Orit Halpern: Mehr als nur Überleben