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Structure, Pattern, Interference with Wolfgang Heiniger and Olaf Nicolai

Sprache und Wissen
Curated by Marcel Beyer
2016, Apr 08, Fri — 2016, Apr 09, Sat

With Wolfgang Heiniger and Olaf Nicolai
Which “languages” do the arts employ, when, unlike literature, they are not bound to language? What does music “tell” us, what does an artistic intervention “speak” of? First and foremost, the sign system itself upon which they are based.

Nevertheless, an aesthetic experience does not require any knowledge of the respective notation system or the mathematical model that were applied. It is no secret that the sounds of a synthesizer are based on programming processes—but how can one program Land Art, for example? The artist Olaf Nicolai and the composer Wolfgang Heiniger explore the different grammars that bear on our experience of art.