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Wole Soyinka & Manthia Diawara - Truth

Dictionary of Now #3
Moderated by Bernd Scherer
English original version
May 4, 2016

A meeting of the Nobel laureate in literature Wole Soyinka and the film theorist Manthia Diawara to discuss the notion of truth against the background of global postcolonial conflicts. What role does the truth play in the context of violence and human rights violations, of reconciliation and reparations? What forms of truth speaking are linked to personal freedom and what create new ostracizing power structures? Are there universal truths? And what truth is generated by fiction or documentaries? The Négritude movement and Glissant’s poetry of relation will be the starting point for Diawara and Soyinka’s examination of techniques of assertion and methods of truth production.

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