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Cantatrix sopranica L. by Graham F. Valentine

Sprache und Wissen
Curated by Marcel Beyer
2016, Apr 08, Fri — 2016, Apr 09, Sat

Cantatrix sopranica L. by Graham F. Valentine

Like no other, the writer Georges Perec made the undermining of “scientific” rituals and procedures into an art.

In 1974 he smuggled Cantatrix sopranica L. into a scientific Festschrift—an essay with diagrams and a list of references about what happens when soprano singers are pelted with tomatoes during their performance. To this day, the text has waited to be transformed into an instructional lecture by the actor and singer Graham F. Valentine.

Dramaturgical arrangement: Malte Ubenauf.

Experimental demonstration of the tomatotopic organization in the Soprano (Cantatrix sopranica L . ) in Cantatrix sopranica L. et autres ecrits scientifiques by Georges Perec, original © Editions du Seuil, Paris, 1991