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Paul Mason – After Capitalism?! (German, English)

Democracy Lecture 2016
Original version (German, English)
Lecture, discussion, Apr 5, 2016

Ever since the Lehman Brothers’ collapse we know that global capitalism was hit hard. What we don’t know: Is this just another of its usual crises or the dawn of a post-capitalist era? The British author Paul Mason is convinced that we stand at the threshold of something radically new.

Through digital networking and democratic socialization, we can build a fairer and sustainable society on the ruins of neoliberalism. Following the lecture by Paul Mason, he will be joined for a discussion by the economist and activist Friederike Habermann, the spokesperson of the Chaos Computer Club Frank Rieger and Blätter co-editor Hans-Jürgen Urban. Their talk will be moderated by Mathias Greffrath.

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