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Limits: Hallucinating the Canon | T for Tiger, T for Theodolite by Ho Tzu Nyen

A History of Limits
On the Architecture of Canon Narratives
2016, Mar 18-19

Speculating and imagining: How can one open up the canon architecture to its anarchic exterior? How can one engage the haunted ontologies of colonial modernity?
Tom Holert (art historian, critic, curator, and artist, Berlin) presents Carl Einstein’s ideas on the “hallucinatory aspect” of art: its resistance to capitalist modernity and how it prepares the ground for new draft canons; Luis Jacob (artist and curator, Toronto) discusses how sovereignty and authority are constituted in the colonial and postcolonial present of Canada; Nida Ghouse (writer and curator, Mumbai) and Malak Helmy (artist and writer, Cairo) present Emotional Architecture and a choreography for a burning building; Ho Tzu Nyen (artist and filmmaker, Singapore/Berlin) shows T for Tiger: T for Theodolite: on Shadow Puppetry, Buffalo-skin, Becoming-tiger and the Hydra of Convict Labor.