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Anthropocene Campus | An Ecosystem of Excess

Mon, Nov 17, 2014 An Ecosystem of Excess with Pinar Yoldas and Regine Hengge (In cooperation with Schering Stiftung)

An ever growing ocean of plastic in the middle of the ocean, consisting of the trash of civilization, equally poisonous for the human being and the environment: for Pinar Yoldas, this is cause to see this plastic soup as an evolutionary soup and to advance evolution a step ahead. In the artist conversation, she presents her EcoArt around the subject of evolution and excess (until min. 41:30). Then the view of Regine Hennge looks at quite a different excess, that of the largest biomass on the planet: microbes, bacteria, and viruses. Each of us carries a few kilograms of these in our bodies. Views of biofilms, microbe megacities and microarchitecture of microbes. And the hope for a form of microbe that could at some point degrade plastic. Until then, plastic is immortal. Discussion begins at 1:10:00. With an introduction by Heike Mertens, Schering-Stiftung, Berlin.

Pinar Yoldas is an interdisciplinary artist and doctoral student at in the Media Arts and Science program at Duke University. Regine Hengge is a professor for microbiology at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.