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Panel, Sat, Jan 17, 2015 with David Blacker, Matthew Charles, Nora Sternfeld; Moderation: David Cunningham

In the early 1990s Gerald Graff predicted a “redirection of theoretical attention to issues of education and pedagogy,” a movement beyond the “cultural turn.” To what extent does the emergence of what has been characterized as an “educational turn” in art and art theory belatedly relate to this? Are we witnessing a “pedagogical turn” today? If so, does this indicate a capitulation to the process or rather the site of a potential resistance?

Panel with David Blacker (Philosophy of Education, University of Delaware), Matthew Charles (Radical Philosophy & English, Westminster University, London), Nora Sternfeld (Art, Aalto University, Helsinki); Moderation: David Cunningham (Radical Philosophy & English, Westminster University, London)