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Queer Theory & Geopolitics

Panel, Sat, Jan 17, 2015 with Antke Engel, Silvia Posocco, Rahul Rao; Moderation: Victoria Browne

The canon of queer theory has been questioned recently as a conceptual and interpretative framework that has become a “mandatory” reference point in European and Anglophone discourse. How are queer theorists from various localities confronting regimes of citizenship, rights, colonialism, imperialism, nationalism, imprisonment and war from within different geopolitical contexts? How is queer theory itself being transformed in the process?

Panel with Antke Engel (Institut für Queer Theory, Berlin), Silvia Posocco (Psychological Studies, Birkbeck, University of London), Rahul Rao (Politics and International Studies, SOAS, University of London); Moderation: Victoria Browne (Radical Philosophy & Oxford Brookes University)