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Press Release for the press conference about transonic-New Sound Experience I

A meeting of non-European and Western contemporary music, global developments and local positions, present day composition and traditional classical forms. The first transonic, a new music series for intercultural experimental music, takes place from 10 – 30 January 2003 in the House of World Cultures. For three weeks every January – starting next year – transonic will present international projects sounding out and radically questioning the relationships between the avant-garde, experimental music and the various manifestations of the world’s musical heritage.

transonic is curated in 2003 by Gene Coleman, the Chicago-based bass clarinettist and composer, and features projects by Chinese and Japanese musicians. Among them are the singer and composer Liu Sola, whose work spans the blues, New York jazz and classical Chinese music, and Yoshihide Otomo, star of Tokyo’s experimental scene. The German ensemble L’ART POUR L’ART presents the results of a close collaboration with the Japanese composer Jô Kondô, while Yôko Nishi and the Ensemble N_ER make tangible the connections between the music of Yûji Takahashi and John Cage. Yumiko Tanaka, noise-rocker and shamisen (traditional Japanese lute) virtuoso, meets the celebrated electro-acoustic composer Carl Stone, and recent compositions by Gene Coleman can also be heard.

By concerning themselves with both the traditions and the current work of their colleagues, the musicians not only traverse countries and continents in their concerts but also break the boundaries of their artistic genres. transonic 2003 sees itself as a new productive forum for current developments on the international music scene, as a place of experimentation outside restrictive categories such as new music, jazz or world music and as an open sound-field for the meeting of musicians from Asia, Europe and the USA.

Author: Christine Regus