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Just after releasing his solo debut "Never Trust A Hippy", Adrian Sherwood is already working on his next premiere: on April 26, 2003, for the first time in his career, he will produce the live mix of a track in front of a small audience. The setting is a Berlin recording studio, and popdeurope invites you to take part. popdeurope - migrating sounds in and out of europe, is the summer music festival in the House of World Cultures, held from July 25 to August 23, 2003 in Berlin. The video documentation of Adrian’s mix session will have its film premiere on June 27 at the festival preview in the House of World Cultures.
This event is already looking to be unique in a number of ways, though one can only speculate about the result, the mix. But this much is certain: to watch Adrian produce a track is to watch a performance of a most unusual kind – the console is his instrument, his voice. He works spontaneously, intuitively and physically, and does not shy away from releasing the track after this one-hour session – albeit only to the select group of listeners, all of whom will receive a copy of the live- recorded mix.
Due to the studio conditions, the audience size is limited, but we will do our best to admit as many interested journalists as we can. If you are interested, please contact Barbara Nehls or Christine Regus as soon as possible.

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