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Preview - TV & Photo Call


We invite you to the House of World Cultures on Wednesday, May 28, 2003 at 11 a.m. to a preview of excerpts from two productions that will open the international performance festival IN TRANSIT:

In Koffi Kôkô’s latest production "Les feuilles qui résistent au vent" he is accompanied by six dancers from this trans-African company and three musicians. His choreography draws on the spiritual context of West Africa’s animistic religion. In modern, poetic body language, Koffi Kôkô translates aspects of initiation and upheaval for the stage.
"The Global Soul – The Buddha Project" is characterized by the journey between different worlds. The latest production by director and IN TRANSIT curator Ong Keng Sen was inspired by the spiritual journeys of the Gautama Buddha and the texts of the well-known travel writer Pico Iyer. His performers are stars of the contemporary performing arts scene such as Sophiatou Kossoko, Charlotte Engelkes and the Thai-korn dancer Pichet Klunchun. The soundtrack is a modern sound landscape by Toru Yamanaka from the Japanese theatre collective Dumb Type, combining a thousand-year-old Chinese opera form with Korean court songs.

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