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Institutions, Research Centres, Organizations

Centre for Cultural and Media Studies  - South Africa
University of Natal, Durban. The Centre was established after the Soweto uprising of 1976, in order to develop strategies of cultural resistance through media and culture.

ISEA - The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts
A non-profit international organization. The aim of ISEA is to establish and facilitate inter-disciplinary communication in the field of art, technology, science, education and industry.
ISEA Cultural Diversity Committee - Goals, Proposed Strategies, Working Committee Members.
See also: Panel: A Multi-Cultural ISEA, symposium 1997

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology  - USA
Cambridge/MA. Website includes academics, research (labs, centers, and programs), resources, groups, etc.

MIT Media Laboratory  - USA
Formed in 1980 by Nicholas Negroponte and Jerome Wiesner. Advanced research into a broad range of information technologies including digital television, holographic imaging, computer music, computer vision, electronic publishing, artificial intelligence, human/machine interface design, and education-related technologies.

Projektgruppe Kulturraum Internet  - Germany
Scientific Centre for Social Research in Berlin

Rice University Media Center  - USA
Houston/Texas. Professors at Rice are, among others: Brian Huberman, Thomas McEvilley, Hamid Naficy. Founded in 1969 by Jean and Dominique de Menil, with the assistance of Colin Young and Roberto Rossellini. As the home of film and photography at Rice University, the founders' intent was to provide a channel through which different peoples of the world could communicate. In recent years, the addition of video production, media studies and the digital arts to the curriculum has further expanded the Center's offerings. Part of the Department of Art & Art History.

X-Art Foundation/Blast  - USA
Non-profit organization in New York that creates, encourages, and presents new forms of art and text. Its current emphasis is on advanced-technology art, criticism, and theory. Chair: Jordan Crandall. Organized the Webforum Artistic Practice in the Network.

ZKM - Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie  - Germany
The Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe is a unique new cultural foundation. Symbolizing the transition into the multmedia era, it is the world's first institution dedicated purely to art in relation to the new media, and is organized along unusual lines which gather under one roof the fields of research, development, collection and presentation.
Materials, Texts

Bilwet/Agentur Bilwet/Adilkno, Geert Lovink a.o.
Numerous texts. See The Workspace Interviews on documenta X, among others: Against crisis-driven global telecommunication, Interview with Gayatri Spivak.

Hans Dieter Huber - Writings
Webart, history of media, aesthetics, art history, etc.

Multilingualism and the Internet
Link directory: Multicultural World Links, technical issues, particular languages, etc.

netz/werk/kultur/techniken, Heiko Idensen
Universität Hildesheim/Germany. Extensive Website: web culture, writing on the net, net poetry, hotlist.

Projektgruppe Kulturraum Internet - Texte
Scientific Centre for Social Research in Berlin. Texts to be searched by date or author.

Howard Rheingold - The Virtual Community
Online version of his book.

The Sociology of Culture in Computer-Mediated Communication
An Initial Exploration, by Elizabeth Lane Lawley, April 1994.

The Syndicate
Information relating to electronic and media art, past and future events, institutions and individuals, research and funding sources. A strong emphasis is placed on the situation and developments in East Europe.

Magazin on web culture. Heise-Verlag, Editor: Florian Rötzer.

Nils Zurawski
Institut of Sociology of the Universität Münster. He is also colaborator at the European Popular Science Information Project. See essays and conferences.
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