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Evaluation of the first phase of the forum:
12 October - 22 December, 1998
  Preliminary remarks
  Participants, contributions - some figures
  Progress of the debate  
  Themes discussed:
Participation in Net forums  
Fragility of server-based information  
Cultural practice in the Internet  
Digital discourse / market mechanisms  
Globalization / global culture  

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Preliminary remarks up

In this intermediate evaluation, the progress up to this point is summarized, along with the most important topics of the debate. Unfortunately, the wide range of questions and problems brought up, the thoughts expressed, and experiences and projects introduced cannot be dealt with here in their entirety. Those who are interested in more detail should refer to the 10 statements, the 9 weekly reviews and of course the individual contributions which have been archived (access via

The selection from the topics discussed and related statements concentrates on those which appear especially significant to the questions posed by the forum, or which should be discussed in more depth once the debate continues. Between the thematic complexes exist diverse interconnections and overlappings, which can hardly be made sufficiently clear here.

All authors are asked to understand that quotations had to be taken from the context of their contributions, in order to emphasize core statements on specific themes. In each case there are links leading directly to the corresponding postings or statements.

The evaluation was written by Gerhard Haupt, the forum's project director.

Participants and contributions - some figures up

In the first 10 weeks, ca. 230 people from more than 35 countries subscribed to the discussion list. At the beginning of the break in December, 205 were still on the list; relatively few people dropped out. Even in the period following, more people signed up. With the continuation of the debate on 31 March, 1999, the mailing list had 272 members from more than 40 countries.

Including the authors of the 10 introductory statements, 56 people actively participated in the forum with 134 contributions altogether. There were 9 weekly reviews published in English, German, and Spanish as well as a number of further articles (see
Documentation with an archive of all contributions from the past year). The texts on the website are also retrievable as emails.
Progress of the debate  

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