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Insights into the Debate: September - December, 1999

Appendix: Projects, Institutions, Publications and further Information, introduced or mentioned in Postings

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Notes about this List:

As described in the main text of the »Insights into the Debate« under »Important note«, all contributions to the discussion between September and December 1999 are available in text format (txt) on the website, as well as in a zip file (564 kb) for download.

In this List, the links within the different sections are ordered according to the entry date of the respective postings. The sender's name appears first, followed by the name of the corresponding txt-file, in which further information can be found. These file names are made up of: month/day (e.g. 1210 = December 10th) - time (e.g. 1748 - time shown in the heading of the sender's mail) - author's surname.

Please take into consideration that the copyright for the individual postings rests with the respective authors. The author is solely responsible for the information and opinions expressed in his/her contribution.

Exhibitions, Events, Networks, Symposia

ISEA  (0903-1103-Isea):
ISEA launches ChatterBox (moderated discussions on ISEA-Forum)

Ricardo Iglesias  (0924-1755-Iglesias):
net_condition, international exhibition of net art presented by MECAD\Media Centre d'Art i Disseny

Christy Sheffield Sanford  (0930-1316-Sheffield):
The Container Project, mobile media lab to Jamaica

Ami Isseroff  (1001-0935-Isseroff):
PEACE group and MidEastWeb project

Anjali Arora  (1002-0906-Arora):
Discover Your Roots, a project that attempts to bridge the distance between Indians and Pakistanis.

Klaus Jürgen Schmidt  (1005-1547-Schmidt):
Global Village Voices, a Radio Bridge Overseas' project for the Expo 2000

Christy Sheffield Sanford  (1006-1139-Sheffield):
My Millennium, a web-anthology by Christine Sheffield with work from Russia, Germany, Australia, England, Canada, Mexico and the U.S.

Klaus Jürgen Schmidt  (1007-0852-Schmidt):
That Media Thing, media art discussion

Janet Swartz  (1009-1516-Swartz):
Virtual Tours: Thematic proposals in Internet about art, Mediateca of Museo de Monterrey, Mexico

Rupert Hewison  (1011-1542-Hewison):
Australia's Cultural Network

ISEA  (1011-1645-Isea):
Cartographies - The General Assembly on New Media Art, Montréal, Canada

Kim Machan  (1012-1517-Machan):
Multimedia Arts Asia Pacific 99, Australia

Kepa Landa  (1012-2104-Landa):
Consciousness Reframed 2000 - International Research Conference in Newport, UK

Ami Isseroff  (1014-1851-Isseroff):
Arts and Culture page at MidEast Web

Christy Sheffield Sanford  (1015-2203-Sheffield):
Global Poetry Slam event

Christy Sheffield Sanford  (1020-1242-Sheffield):
Riding the Meridian: 8 hypertext projects

Hans Braumüller  (1027-1030-Braumueller):
For a Millenium of Life: Not to Death Penalt, Mail Art Call

Christy Sheffield Sanford  (1103-1115-Sheffield):
~water~water-water~, On-line creative writing project by Christy Sheffield Sanford and Reiner Strasser

Chris Drew  (1108-0905-Drew):
ART-ACT: international art contest targeting with its theme Anti-Racism/Diversity, artists in Africa, Asia, Pacific and Latin/South America.
ART-ACT Notes 12  (1128-1653-Drew)
ART-ACT Notes 13  (1204-0003-Drew)
ART-ACT Notes 14  (1216-1922-Drew)

Kim Machan  (1108-1713-Machan):
Missile Web Launch Site, curated by MAAP. 30 on-line art and associated projects from the Asia Pacific region
Third Contemporary Art Asia Pacific Triennial

Jon Lackman  (1111-0008-Lackman):
AsiaSource: online resource on Asia

Robert Schilder  (1114-0917-Schilder):
Ingo Günther's Refugee Republic
100 Globes - the world imagined in facts

Iris F. Mahnke  (1115-1210-Mahnke):
Crown Jewels - Contemporary British Asian Artists, exhibition in Hamburg

Sam de Silva  (1115-1944-Sam):
Call for artists creating art works and media content that responds to the mass media we are subjected to.

Klaus Jürgen Schmidt  (1122-1124-Schmidt):
New profile of Radio Bridge Overseas

Anke Mellin  (1122-1515-Mellin):
Artists in Nature, international network

Christy Sheffield Sanford  (1130-1501-Sheffield):
ArtsLink Collaborative Projects, Grants

Tom Vincent  (1203-0247-Vincent):
Earth From Above - photographs by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Partha Pratim Sarker  (1203-0218-Partha):
Website on South-Asian political history
with special section on 19th century photography in South Asia

Raul Ferrera-Balanquet  (1206-0934-Ferrera-Balanquet):
Latinamerican Diaspora Web Exhibition: Fibras Transmigratorias: arte latino y latinoamericano en Internet. A web art exhibition organized by Raul Ferrera-Balanquet.

Monika Fleischmann  (1207-1848-Fleischmann):
Symposium: MEMORIA FUTURA - Cultural Heritage and Information Technology

ISEA  (1209-1251-ISEA):
Appel/Call: web projects for la Biennale de Montreal 2000

Klaus Jürgen Schmidt  (1213-1213-Schmidt):
Global Vision Project by the Irish artist Michael O'Callaghan

Pat Binder  (1214-0721-Binder):
Seventh Biennial of Havana Press Release

Anke Mellin  (1214-1811-Mellin):
Diaspora, exhibition in Oviedo, October-November 1999

Fran Ilich  (1216-1347-Ilich):
Cyberpunk Rock Knows No Borders. Alexei Shulgin and his 386 DX Cyberpunk

Tom Vincent  (1217-1347-Vincent):
Links: Syndicate mailing list, Belgrads B92 Radio Station and Help-Page, etoy, Rtmark, Ingo Günther's Refugee Republic

Fons Geerlings  (1220-1703-Geerlings):
Arms into Art: virtual exhibition by collective Nucleo de Arte

Partha Pratim Sarker  (1221-1827-Partha):
International Reporter's Network: a project to stimulate the use of quality photographic and other journalistic work from the South in the Norwegian media

Fons Geerlings  (1224-0230-Geerlings):
Dar es Salaam in Delft Blue, by Barend Schweigman: virtual (photo-)exhibition of the foundation Africaserver

Fons Geerlings  (1220-1703-Geerlings):
Arms into Art, a virtual exhibition organized by Africaserver in cooperation with Nucleo de Arte, Maputo

Institutions contents

José Tlatelpas  (1117-1337-Tlatelpas):
Chinese Cultural Center, Vancouver

Pat Binder  (1128-1847-Binder):
The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology, Montréal

Susan Marquez  (1209-2300-Marquez):
Art for the World

Books, Publications contents

Olu Oguibe  (0910-1058-Oguibe):
Black British Culture & Society. Edited by Kwesi Owusu.

Susan Marquez  (1012-1306-Marquez):
World Sculpture News, and Asian Art News Magazines

Partha Pratim Sarker  (1013-0134-Partha):
Bytes for All - 2nd Issue

Partha Pratim Sarker  (1220-2143-Partha):
Bytes fo all: special issue of "Non-English" computing

Gerhard Haupt  (1022-0818-Haupt):
Michael H. Goldhaber: Attention Economy and the Net - Part II, in: Telepolis, 12 December 1997
Part 1:
Michael H. Goldhaber: Art and the Attention Economy in Real Space and Cyberspace, in Telepolis, 9 January 1998

Pat Binder  (1022-0920-Binder):
Luis Camnitzer: La Corrupción en el Arte / El Arte de la Corrupción

Susan Marquez  (1103-0957-Marquez):
Leo Strauss: Persecution and the Art of Writing, University of Chicago Press
James C. Scott: Domination and the Arts of Resistence
Shadi Bartsch: Actors in the audience: Theatricality and Doublespeak from Nero to Hadrian
Jurgis Baltrusaitis: Anamorphic art

Josette Balsa  (1108-1033-Balsa):
Silbergeld, Jerome: Contradictions
Artistic Life, the Socialist State, and the Chinese Painter Li Huasheng

Luis Cantillo  (1123-1853-Cantillo):
Astrolabe: Online Journal

Christy Sheffield Sanford  (1130-1452-Sheffield):
Call for Submissions to frAme, the theory ezine of trAce

Pablo Helguera  (1130-1632-Helguera):
Wants to contribute to frAme the article: Welcome to Sentimental Life According to Mac OS

Pat Binder  (1209-1740-Binder):
Essay by Olu Oguibe: Connectivity, and the Fate of the Unconnected

Susan Marquez  (1209-1234-Marquez): Ken Goldberg (Editor): The Robot in the Garden: Telerobotics and Telepistemology in the Age of the Internet

Various Information contents

About the East Timor Issue:
Partha Pratim Sarker  (0910-0041-Partha)
Sam de Silva  (0910-0946-Sam):
Partha Pratim Sarker  (0913-1314-Partha):

Nils Zurawski  (1001-1336-Zurawski):
The year 2000, proclaimed by the United Nations as: The Year of Education for Peace and Nonviolence

Chris Drew  (1001-1109-Drew):
Pages that help those building and promoting websites:

Ami Isseroff  (1001-1515-Isseroff):
Page of advice and discussion about setting up Web sites and drawing traffic

Christy Sheffield Sanford  (1016-1239-Sheffield):
There is a free but far from perfect translator at this address:

Christy Sheffield Sanford  (1219-1833-Sheffield):
About Bill Viola's Installation Saint John of the Cross

Tom Vincent  (1220-1524-Vincent):
Free providers,2294,67602-107001-757452-0,00.html

Free Computers for Education

Chinese Art and Culture contents

Josette Balsa  (1101-1023-Balsa):
Chinese artist Zhang Peili: Collecting Global TV News at the Turn of Century

Josette Balsa  (1108-1033-Balsa):
Book: Artistic Life, the Socialist State, and the Chinese Painter Li Huasheng

Britta Erickson  (1122-0646-Erickson):
Shi Yong's website to interact with people around the world, surveying their opinions as to what the image of New China might be.

Britta Erickson  (1210-1022-Erickson):
Virtual China, e-zine's Forum

Kerstin Knote  (1216-1300-Knote):
Gu Wenda's hair project
Insideout, exhibition of The Asia Society

Britta Erickson  (1220-1357-Erickson):
About Gu Wenda's project United Nations,
and Xu Bing's show at Sackler Gallery (Smithsonian)

Josette Balsa  (1222-1432-Balsa):
On Xu Bing, in relation to an installation at Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong

Britta Erickson  (1222-0825-Erickson):
About Xu Bing's Classroom Calligraphy

Compilation / Contact: Gerhard Haupt,

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