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Insights into the Debate:
September - December, 1999
  -  Part 1


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At the end of September, activity in the Forum picked up suddenly. From September until December 1999 there were 396 postings from 66 participants. This large number has made it necessary to use a tighter form in the summaries than was found in the past views into the debate. Unfortunately, it is not possible to follow all of the discussion's branchings off or to adequately document the development of certain trains of thought in participants' exchange of views. For reason of clarity it was necessary to separately portray thematic structures that actually merged into each other in the Forum. Only a few core statements could be quoted to the various aspects listed. As a result, other equally interesting views must go unmentioned. The Forum's course during this period of time was, however, much more diverse than is possible to depict in this short summary.

I would like to thank Pat Binder for her support in the summary's elaboration.

Gerhard Haupt
Project director

Important note:

All of the contributions to the discussion for the period of time between September and December 1999 are available in text format (txt) on the website (see List of Postings) as well as compressed into a ZIP-file (564 kb). By clicking on the author's name you come to the txt-file of the contribution which contains the quote and/or statements on the particular topic. To return to the main text, use the »back« button on your browser's menu.

Please take into consideration that the copyright for the individual postings rests with the respective authors. The author is solely responsible for the information and opinions expressed in his/her contribution.

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