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Members of the Mailing List - as of 31 March 2000

Up to this point there are a total of 350 members on the mailing list. Only those members are listed in this directory who have given information about themselves. In order to avoid any misuse of data, there are no email or street addresses included.

If your information is not yet or not correctly listed, please notify Gerhard Haupt

You can also add your URL. This list is continuously updated.

Helene Abrand
Nirvanet Sales and Marketing Manager
Reef - Nirvanet

Gill Allard
University lecturer and PhD student researching use of Internet by Wales-based arts and cultural workers to market and distribute their work

Arafat Alnaim
Sofia, Bulgaria
PHD research in printmaking and graphic arts at the National Art Academy Sofia, Bulgaria

Alex Alsan
Berlin, Germany
Editor "berlin sites"

Silvia de Ambrosini
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Editor Artinf

Anjali Arora

Barbara Asante
London, England
Artist / writer

Shelly Bahl
Toronto, Canada
Visual artist, arts educator, curator

Josette Balsa
Hong Kong, China
Art critic, AICA member, independent curator. Robert Black College, The University of Hong Kong

Oladélé Ajiboyé Bamgboyé
London, UK
Artist, writer-critic, lecturer

Alfred Banze
Köln, Germany
Media artist

Ricardo Basbaum
Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil
Artist, writer, assistant-professor of History of Art at Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro. Co-editor of art magazine "item"

Uli Bauer
Bayreuth, Germany
Academic Coordinator, Graduate Seminar (Graduiertenkolleg) "Cross-cultural Relations in Africa"; Ph.D.-student in Ethnology on Contemporary African Art and Globalisation

Tilman Baumgärtel
Berlin, Germany
Wizards of OS

Dominique Bediako
Osnabrück, Germany
Lecturer (African Literature, German as a Foreign Language)

Roby Bellemans
Director Association View, we promote art for children eand have an started (14 years ago) with an artlending program for children

Heiner Benking
Berlin and other places
see homepage (English/German):

Maria Best
Berlin, Germany

Tim Bigelow
Washington, DC, USA
Manager, Millennium Program, International Child Art Foundation

Pat Binder
Berlin, Germany
Artist, from Buenos Aires/Argentina. Co-editor of Universes in Universe

Natalia Blanch
Graduate student of the Master in Fine Arts at the University of Maryland at College Park. Assistant in a Global Women Project Exhibition, directed by Prof. Claudia DeMonte

Hans Braumüller
Hamburg, Germany
Networking Visual Artist

Anahí Cáceres
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Artist, editor of ArteUna

Damaso Canales
Monterrey, Mexico
Produccion plástica/administración

Luis Cantillo
London, UK

Sergio Capone

Mauricio Chandía
Analista de Sistemas

Rocío Pilar Chávez Cortés
Trujillo, Peru
Management Student

Leung Chi Wo
Hong Kong
artist, researcher on Hong Kong art, founding member of the artists-run space Para/Site in Hong Kong

Harald N. Clapham
Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Germany
Referatsleiter Internationaler Kulturaustausch I, Städtepartnerschaften, Kulturprogramme in der Kulturbehörde

Ralf Classen
Kulturmanager auch im Bereich des Internationalen Kulturaustausches (NRO-Ebene mit Laendern Afrikas, Asiens und Lateinamerikas)

Colectivo Zapatista de Granada
Soñar otros mundos

Damien Coghlan
Aboriginal Australia Pty Ltd

Francisco Córdoba
Costa Rica, lives in Rome, Italy

Jordan Crandall
New York City, USA

René Daniels / Galerie Ngano
Berlin, Germany
Galerist, Schwerpunkt: Ausstellungen und Workshops mit zimbabwischen SteinbildhauerInnen

François Davin
Lahaymeix, France
Artist and Coordinator of "Le Vent des Forêts" Lanscape art symposium

Peter Dennis
South Africa
IT Co-ordinator
Museums Online: South Africa -

Jesús Díaz-Caballero

Jan Dietrich
Berlin, Germany
Writing, studying, living

Chris Drew
Artist and arts administrator, Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center

Charlotte Elias
Trinidad and Tobago
Director of Caribbean Contemporary Arts Limited

Barbara Ekamp
Berlin, Germany

Britta Erickson
Stanford, USA
Independent scholar, contemporary Chinese art

Eugenia Este
Caracas, Venezuela
Profesor de filosofia de la tecnica

Krista Fabian
New York City, USA
Student at Columbia University, manager of Africa Exchange, an international performing arts residency program

Cristina Ferran Jadick
Houston, TX/USA
Visual Artist/Mother/Wife

Raul Ferrera-Balanquet
Born in Cuba, Lives and Work in USA and Mexico
Interdisciplinary Artist

Till Förster
Bayreuth, Germany
Social anthropologist, art historian, director of Iwalewa-Haus, the Africa Centre of the University of Bayreuth

Elliot Francois
Customer Support Representative/Musician

Harald A. Friedl
Graz, Austria
freier Publizist und redaktioneller Leiter des wirtschaftspolitischen Internet-Magazins "zum Thema"

Brigitta Fritz
Vienna, Austria
Artist, graphic designer, handycraftwoman, geomantie, women projects "Art as a social process"

Cristina Fuentes
London, England
Cultural assistant at Canning House (the Hispanic and Luso Brazilian Council)

Frank Gertich
Music research (new music, sound art)

Erwin Giedenbacher
Teaching Assistant

Hugo Giehl
Berlin, Germany

Thilo Götze Regenbogen
Kriftel/Frankfurt, Germany
artist, art teacher, publisher; research, instruction and presentation of the wisdom traditions in modern and contemporary art (focus: buddhist influences) worldwide (focus: europe, eurasia). Website (in german):

Janet Goldner
New York, NY USA
Artist, activist, many cultural projects in/with/concerning Mali (West Africa)

Emilio González-Díaz
San Juan, Puerto Rico
University Professor and researcher, Social Science Research Center

La Guirnalda Polar
Cultural magazine in Spanish

Nejla Gür
Braunschweig/Germany, and Turkey

Jannie Haagemann
Soon to be MA in Modern Culture. Thesis on globalization, postcolonialism and 'global art'

Donna Hand-Lee, Jeff Lee
Gresham, Oregon USA
Curators of Trophies of Honor-Art Chronicles of Indigenous Peoples
Fine Art Consulting / Marketing Management

Gerhard Haupt  - moderator of the forum
Berlin, Germany
Art historian, curator. Project director of Universes in Universe

Dirk Hebestreit
Schönbrunn, Germany

Jochen Hertrampf
Bremerhaven, Germany
Leiter eines Stadtteilkultur-Treffpunktes; Förderung der Kooperation von Laien und KünstlerInnen - bes. auch im interkulturellen Kontext

Jillian Hyaden
Partner in multimedia checkout chicks & member of C.T of I.S

Ricardo Iglesias
Barcelona, Spain
Artist, web-art

Fran Ilich
Tijuana, Mexico

International Institute for Communication and Development
The Hague, Netherlands

Maria Teresa Iovinelli
Rome, Italy
Librarian and Vice-Director, Burcardo Library and Theatre Collection

Ami Isseroff D.Sc
Web journalist, consultant, technical writer, director of MidEast Web for Coexistence (R.A.).

Urs Jaeggi
Berlin, Germany
Visual artist and writer

dele jegede
Professor of Art History; artist, art critic, art historian

P. Orlando Jones
California, USA
Photographic Artist

Frank Jürgensmann
Bildungsreferent beim Landesmusikrat Niedersachsen

Dr. Michael Kaden
Potsdam/Berlin, Germany
Medienpädagoge, Asienwissenschaftler, Dokumentarfilmer

Wolf Kahlen
Berlin, Germany

Franziska Kempf
Zürich, Schweiz
Kunststudent Neue Medien

Hameed Khaza'al

Jay Kiehborth
Berlin, Germany
Multimedia artist

Yu Yeon Kim
New York and Seoul
independent curator, co-founder and chief curator of PLEXUS

Arno Kleiss
Satu Mare/Romania and Bietigheim-Bissingen/Germany
Culture- and Projectmanagement
Musicteacher, Conductor

Kai Knote
Berlin, Germany
Student of anthropology at FU-Berlin

Kerstin Knote
Berlin, Germany
Chinesische Kunstgeschichte & Archäologie Bereiche

Daniel Konrath

Marlin Kornet
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Student in Science of Art and Culture. My interest is Non-European art and culture

Alisa Kottmair
Berlin/Germany, Baltimore/USA
Art, youth, identity, visualaudio, performance, liminality

Kunst und Kultur der Völker e.V.
Hamburg, Germany
Ausstellungen, Diskussionen, Vorträge

Mauricio Laffitte-Soler
New York City, USA
Art Consultant, Art Journalist, Curator, Independent Scholar

Teresa Lara-Meloy
Cambridge, MA, USA - Tehuacan, Mexico
Student (Technology in Education Masters)

Ronen Leibman
Tel Aviv, Israel
Video artist, Lecturer

Natalia Lemos

Jean-Paul Longavesne
Paris, France
Digital artist, performer, installation, artistic director of the Fashion Design Group (ENSAD)

Kim Machan
Brisbane, Australia
curator, producer, art consultant, designer; festival director MAAP98 (Multimedia Art Asia Pacific)

Dorothea Marloth
Berlin, Germany
Kreative workless librairian without library

Angelica Marte
Zuerich, Switzerland
Assistant at the Institut of Informatik, University of Zuerich - currently working on my dissertation "Inter/trans/cross-cultural, electronical Communication, Learning and Management" - a systemical, system-theoretical and constructivistical approach with focus on e-commerce. Consultant and Coach for intercultural exchange (focused on coorporations)

Carlos F. Martínez
Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia
Artist (Fine Arts)

Víctor Martínez
Pátzcuaro, Mexico
Visual Artists and Co-director of La Ce.D Contemporary Arts

Lilian Mayer
São Paulo, Brazil
Musician: singer and choir conductor

Monica Mayer
Visual Artist and artwriter

Amanda McDonald Crowley
Director, Australian Network for Art and Technology, Board member and co-chair of International Advisory Committee, ISEA

Catherine McGovern
Montréal, Canada
Artist, web art project producer

Anke Mellin
Artist and Curator
Member of "Artists in Nature, International Network", which will established in January 2000. Next meeting in Amsterdam in December 1999.
Interested in cultural exchange projects, especially with asian countries.

Andrea Melloni
Visual artist, undergraduate

Christoph Merdes
Berlin, Germany

Jim Morris
Buffalo, New York

Wendy Morris
South African living in Belgium
Practice as an artist and is reading for Honours in Contemporary Art Theory through the University of South Africa

Moving Image Centre
Auckland, New Zealand
A not for profit organisation dedicated to distributing, exhibiting and providing support services for the creative media arts in New Zealand.

Petra Müller
Artist (Artist-group KUNSTKOMM.T!)

Cornelie Müller-Gödecke
Hamburg, Germany
I am quite active on the Internet, where I present new music, Jazz from Russia, Music from Tuva, where I present a theater academy in St.Petersburg and many topics more. I am doing my Private Cultural Exchange... without subsidies. I travel to Russia very often, will go to Armenia this year...

Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales
Montevideo, Uruguay
Fine Arts Museum

Davis O. Nejo
Vienna, Austria
Cross Cultural Communication
Cinematographer, curator, artist, script-writer, actor, choregraph, director, producer

Sigrun Neumann
Paphos/Cyprus and Cairo/Egypt

Anja Oelschlaeger
Projectmanager IT

Dmitri Ozerkov
St.Petersbourg, Russia
Art Historian

Rolando Palacios
Santiago de Chile
Comunicólogo: análisis de discurso; multimedia; informática educativa; estrategias de comunicación

Tim Pemble-Smith
public servant

Friedrich Pihan
Visual arts

Abel Ponce
Havana, Cuba
Computer specialist of the Gallery "Frank C. Vazquez"

Cord Radke
Hildesheim, Germany

Ricardo Ramirez
Coral Gables, USA
Business Consultant

Julia Rein

Harvey Rojas

Gustavo Romano
Buenos Aires, Argentina
artist, member of Fin del Mundo

Eduardo da Rosa
Miami, USA
Painter and sculptor

Udo Rossbach
Leiter der Bibliothek u. Dokumentation d. ifa

Cynthia Beth Rubin
Digital Artist, Cultural Diversity Chair of ISEA

Enrique Ruiz
Monterrey, Mexico

Maha El Said
Assistant Prof.

Héctor Sandoval
Mérida, Mexcio
Comercio de libros, comunicación, diseño, artesanía de plata

Partha P Sarker
Multimedia designer, Drik Multimedia

Andreas Schepers
Saarbruecken, Germany
NetMedia GmbH

Daniel Schiavone
Baltimore, MD, USA
Artist, Critique, Organist, Computer Herbert

Thorsten Schilling
PR consultant and project manager. Founding member of mikro, a Berlin based organisation dealing with media cultural discourses

Gue Schmidt
Artist and curator

Klaus Juergen Schmidt
Harare, Zimbabwe
Trustee & Managing Editor, Radio Bridge Overseas Trust

Peter Schneckmann
Frankfurt am Main / Germany
Programming director of "die brotfabrik", international cultural centre focussing on music and special cultural exchange projects

Stephan Schulte
Berlin, Germany
Internet Consultant

Sarah Schultz
Museum educator

Katrin Schumann
Berlin, Germany
Project Management IT

Michaela Schweiger
Berlin, Germany

Ludwig Seyfarth
Hamburg, Germany
Publizist und Ausstellungskurator

Christy Sheffield Sanford
Florida, USA
Web-specific Artist-Writer

Clay Shotwell, Ph.D.
College professor - music
Ethnomusicology, Humanities

Stephan Siedler
Berlin, Germany
Manager of virtualWOMEX (worldwidemusic expo in the internet)- working for Piranha MultiMedia and Photograph

Andrea Siemsen
Berlin, Germany
Project coordinator, House of World Cultures

Olivier Silva
Tokyo, Paris
Collection Management & Development. Modern Art & Tribal African Art

José Ricardo da Silveira
Vila de Ponta Negra, Brazil

Eva Stein
Internet-Redaktion im Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Pelin Tan
Istanbul, Turkey

Gilane Tawadros
London, Great Britain

Alfred Tay
Art Coordinator,

Chye Teck Chua

Laura Teijeiro

Paul du Toit
South Africa
Independent contemporary artist

Noreen Tomassi
New York City, USA
Director, Arts International

Raul Trejo Delarbre
Mexico City, Mexico
Researcher in the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico; journalist (political columnist in "La Cronica de Hoy" daily) and director of the weekly magazine "etcetera"

Claudia Tribin
Berlin, Germany

Sarah Tups
Düsseldorf, Germany

Sarah Tutton
Melbourne, Australia
Curator, Writer

Maria Eugenia Vargas Pasten
Antofagasta, Chile
Periodista, profesora de la Escuela de Periodismo de la Universidad del Norte

Frank Vázquez
Havana, Cuba
Director of the Gallery "Frank C. Vazquez"

Beatriz Vélez
Medellín, Colombia
Professor of Sociology

Yvon Villarceaux

Zuleiva Vivas
Caracas, Venezuela
Investigadora y crítico de arte. Directora de Artes Visuales, Fundación CELARG, Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos Rómulo Gallegos

Sabine Vogel
Berlin, Germany
coordinator, House of World Cultures

Luis Volonte
Poeta, critico literario

Reinhold Wagnleitner
Salzburg, Austria
Historian at University of Salzburg

Karen Ward
2d & 3d artist/part time lecturer

Horst Watzl
Cultural Organiser

Helmut Weber
Vienna, Austria

Traude Weidenbach
Stuttgart, Germany

Falk Weiss
Berlin, Germany
Student / Architektur

Gordon West
Toronto, Canada
New media designer, researcher, webmaster

Ruth Juliet Wikler
New York, USA
Circus/theatre AND international arts organization

Nina Wilken
Berlin, Germany

Sue Williamson
South Africa
Artist, editor of ArtThrob

Joyce M. Youmans
Kansas City, USA
Curatorial Assistant, Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Héctor Zetina
Cuernavaca, Mexico
Artist, Director of "In illo Tempore" theather group, adviser of "La tecnología en la enseñanza"

Nils Zurawski

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