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The debate as such took place via a mailing list (see modalities). Here you find a documentation of the forum on the WWW level.
Reviews of the debate, 1999:

September - December

8 July - 29 August

10 May - 7 July

31 March - 9 May
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Documentation of the first phase of the forum,
from 12 October to 22 December, 1998:

(see also Evaluation)

Statements  for the forum's opening:

Andrea di Castro

Coco Fusco

Yu Yeon Kim

Kim Machan

Armin Medosch

Olu Oguibe

Ravi Sundaram

Gilane Tawadros

Tom Vincent

Sue Williamson
Weekly reviews

Summaries of the discussion

12 - 25 October

25 Oct. - 02 November

03 - 08 November

09 - 15 November

16 - 22 November

23 - 29 November

30 Nov. - 06 December

07 - 13 December

14 - 22 December
  Archive - 1998

All postings to the debate, according to:




Further texts:

Cyber-Paradies für Arme?  (in German)
By Harald A. Friedl. In addition to his contribution to the debate.

At Your Service: Latinas in the Global Information Network
By Coco Fusco. Keynote lecture from ISEA98

The Virtual Barrio @ The Other Frontier
By Guillermo Gómez-Peña. From this text has been extracted Chapter VI: 1st Draft of a Manifesto: Remapping Cyberspace, as a posting to the debate.

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