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Cultural Exchange via Internet - Opportunities and Strategies
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Date:Fri, 18 Dec 1998 18:20
Author:Armando Molina  []

On the brief 3 years I've been involved in the net, I'm yet to fully assess the full impact of the medium's consequences and possibilities. Much has been said about its potentials and its present uses, but beyond the famous chat forums and the vast amount of data (mind, not information yet, unless the data is verified) available, the idea of culture coming together through the medium is still a paradigm to be developed. In my particular case, as publisher, the internet has certainly resolved the long process of research and fact- checking. Publishing on the web is relatively easy too (and I had a chance to see some names here that are quite familiar to me, although not necessarily for their work, but for their presence on the net), once the initial technical aspects have been resolved.

This ease of publishing opens up new ways of communication (bear in mind, I've said, opens up, not necessarily accomplishes communications, a process which, once it has taken place, leads to understanding).

So a couple of notions so far: vast amounts of 'data' available and information (the media and its derivatives e.g. websites, homepages, domains, etc.).

Easy and dinamic nature of the Internet medium: editorial flexibility, democratic presence, editorial content,some good others questionable.

One thing is certainly been created as the medium progresses and develops, it's the fact that there is now what we could call, a 'community' of users, wether they be artists, lawyers, politicians, corporations and whatever else gets a chance to get online.

Perhaps the definition of what is a Global Culture should be a priority before going any further.

Armando Molina
SanFrancisco, California

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