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Cultural Exchange via Internet - Opportunities and Strategies
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Subject:Colombian Art
Date:Thu, 17 Dec 1998 11:18
Author:Luis Cantillo & Lina Dorado  []

Dear Gerhard,

Now that you mentioned Colombian artists in the forum, we think that it is a good time to share with the rest of the forum our experience.

Colombian Art Index

We created C.A.I two years ago in order to gather all the dispersed information regarding Colombian art available on the internet for a Colombian public. Most of the few links that we found were related to the old generation and the rest were not relevant with what was produced in Colombia.

Soon afterwards we decided to create pages for contemporary artists. The first published was for José Alejandro Restrepo who represented Colombia in the São Paulo biennial; and that was followed by quite a few artists that were relevant in one way or another to the Colombian art scene at that moment. We have been using Geocities free home page service and most of our spare time to make this possible. The number of Colombian art sites have increased tremendously during the year and so have the C.A.I, and some Colombian artists like Doris Salcedo have received international acclaim with her solo exhibition at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York.

Since we found out about "Universes in Universe" [] we have been witnessing how, it has, successfully acted as a bridge, bringing Colombian art closer to the rest of the world (or viceversa). First of all for being a reliable database and second for hosting art magazines and columns that help spread Colombian art throughout the internet.

This cultural exchange via internet has had amazing results which we never would expected to find in any other communicative media. This kind of cooperation is essential with the developing of strategies of filling up the gap between curated cultures and curating cultures.

It would be interesting to get some feedback from those involved.

Yours sincerely,

Luis Cantillo & Lina Dorado
Colombian Art Index

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